Friday, October 8, 2010

Where's an Aztec Virgin when I need one...

This is why you stay off of Omegle late at night:
Stranger: well...they're a stranger. I call him Debbie.
You: Me...

Stranger: Hey
You: hello!
Stranger: What's up?
You: nothing at all! i just had a conversation with someone who wanted me to have sex with a dog! my night is AWESOME -_-
Stranger: I sense so
Stranger: Some sarcasm*
You: lol don't joke. i can see you turning green with envy.
Stranger: Yeah I wish I met more people who were into beastealiy
You: who doesn't? how are you?
Stranger: Horny now haha jk I'm good and you?
You: i'm about two more psychos away from dancing it out in my kitchen to old school Brittney.
Stranger: Haha that is the weirdest reaction I've heard
You: lol really?
Stranger: Yeah people are usually like I swear I'm going to stab a bitch or something like that
You: oh. well that's usually me after i have a few more drinks and ready access to kitchenware.
Stranger: Haha well at least dancing is alot less violent
You: yes. unless you're doing a "let's sacrifice a virgin so the sun god will save our crops" dance.
Stranger: And it includes less jailtime
You: another perk. but bad crops.
Stranger: Hmmm well that's just a sacrifice well have to make
You: what? jail time or healthy crops? because i really like my vegetables.
You: where's an aztec virgin when you need them!
Stranger: I was going to say healthy crops is a sacrifice
Stranger: And all the Aztecs are dead
You: what a debbie downer.
Stranger: Maybe a Mexican virgin will work
You: cause you're all "AZTECS ARE DEAD, LEMME RAIN ON YOUR PARADE" well guess what! I won't settle for Mexican.
Stranger: Hmm well I'm bit into jail any more cus I don't feel like getting raped by a large man
You: you just have to show them who's boss. or find a huge man and give him your bojangles in exchange for protection.
You: chances are you'll catch hepatitis. but that's another sacrifice.

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