Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Barnes and Noble Experience..

I'm not sure if it's just me, or if it can be actually scientifically proven, but I think people go to Barnes and Noble just to use "number 2". It never fails that every time I go into the bathroom someone is occupying the stall and not holding anything back. I think there could be a correlation in the fact that it's a book store and people associate books with defecating. They walk into the store and may not do it consciously.

It's a reflex inside of their body. They see the books and smell the paper and just simply cannot help themselves. Their brains automatically fire off a few synapses to their digestive tract and say "Hey guys! It's time let's get it started we're in Barnes and Noble!" and off they go! Of course I have no proof that women are like this although I like to think they are.

I could be wrong though, everyone in Barnes and Noble could have contracted some bacterial disease from the doorway. Or maybe they contracted some rare Indian disease on their last trip to India (because people where I live go to India often...let me tell you! They're just itching to use those frequent flyer miles to go there!)

Regardless of the reason behind the defecation, it's clear that Barnes and Noble is a pretty frequent spot for it. They just can't help themselves they just HAVE to when they walk in. They're like "oh might as well grab a book while I'm out here". Think about that the next time you're picking up your latest Nicholas Sparks novel (gag). You could be picking up someone's inspiration to clear themselves out! Puts a new spin on things in my eyes....

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