Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm a Wiener!! er..I mean Winner..

The sad part is I misspelled wiener the first time. I never really understood the I before E rule. Who needs it anyway? IE EI same difference? I think so. Anyway! I'm on Google now! Twice! Once for Martin Lee Photography (my SUPER successful Facebook fan site [it's not really that successful, but I do have more fans on there than I have friends]) and again guessed it...this blog! You only have to type like...eight or so keywords to find it! I think I'm on like the last page. So yeah, I'm pretty much famous. It's okay to be jealous. I would be.

Here recently I took a road trip to Pittsburgh, PA. If you're ever planning to drive there from Northwest Florida be prepared. The majority of the ride involves a large amount of mountains. Generally speaking I enjoy mountains. I now have a new found hatred for these large masses of rock that serve no purpose except to make my car's engine sound like an angry bumblebee (and I don't mean the Transformer). To my surprise, the temperature on top of mountains is a lot colder than it is on sea level. Who knew? I stopped to fill up for gas and almost froze in the beginning of August.

I also recently started college. Granted it's a somewhat tiny community college it still my mind. Apparently I look like I've been going there for a while because EVERYONE has stopped and asked me for directions at one point. They're like "WHERE IS THE MATH BUILDING OH MY GOD I'M FREAKING OUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE ANYTHING IS." and my reaction is usually to lie. "Oh..the math's...that way?" When in fact, I didn't even know my college had a math building. Maybe I'll find it? I'm still expecting to take a wrong turn and wind up in Narnia.

So far I've learned that I have an "innocent" personality and that my Macroeconomics teacher is really emotional because she went through menopause, which seems like menstruation only for-longed and less bleed-y. I think she might have some form of undiagnosed Tourette's syndrome. She makes the strangest faces. First she'll look normal and calm then all of a sudden her eyes will get huge and she seems to develop scales and I expect her to blow fire only she doesn't. Then she'll go back to normal. I'm sad to say that these facial expressions are the highlight of that class because Macroeconomics is not really something that you can make fun.

Who knows, maybe I'll memorize the campus and find the math building and they'll love me so much that I'll be able to name the unknown mental problem that plagues my professor.

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