Thursday, July 15, 2010

Every blog starts with...

...a really corny introductory post entailing all that you could ever possibly want to know about what the blogger is going to be posting and maybe even personal facts that no one really has any interest in knowing but is forced upon you for no reason! So here I go. I will blog mostly about. . .nothing, my goal is to kind of give you an insight into how I perceive daily situations or anything that I think is kind of funny.

I'm a huge fan of run-on sentences and over punctuating, and it just so happens that when you put "over" and "punctuating" together like "overpunctuating" it's not a word! Who knew?! So if you're a grammar freak it's probably best if you navigate away from the page. Anyway, I have a rather short attention span and I'm notorious for jumping from topic to topic so that might keep things a little more interesting.

My thought processes are usually very detailed and they all happen within a few seconds of each other and really don't make a lot of sense but are easily conveyed through my intense wording skills. I feel like I should put "severe wording skills" on my resume. Who knows maybe I'll be hired by the dictionary.

Turns out..the dictionary is not hiring...I checked.

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