Thursday, July 15, 2010

No you should not try out for American Idol....

So I actually managed to break out of my jail cell computer room and actually go do something real people do. I talked myself into taking a shower and getting ready which took probably longer than it should have. Finding clothes seems to be a problem for me because I forget where I put them after they come out of the dryer. My closet (despite the number of hangers) remains relatively empty because it is such a hassle to take clothes out of the dryer and de-crumple them and THEN put them on a hanger. There are too many steps and somewhere along the line I get distracted by something on the floor or my phone goes off. The clothes simply stay on my bed until I fall asleep. While I'm sleeping I tend to kick them, shove them, abuse them, drool on them, and they eventually all wind up somewhere completely different. However, it never fails the first place that I check for clothes is my closet. I'm always surprised to see that they're never there. Anyway, I found clothes and got ready and then proceeded to go eat at a fancy restaurant where they serve chips out of a gigantic trash can.

All was swell and they even sat us in the posh VIP room (the room that no one sits in and you get ignored [more on that soon])! So we waited....and waited....and waited until Paco came and took our orders. The people behind us were so polite! They seemed to be very angry at the fact that someone had church on a Thursday night. I don't mean like "Oh hey that's kind of stupid" angry I mean like "WHAT?!? CHURCH ON A THURSDAY THAT'S PREPOSTEROUS(if they knew that word) I'M WRITING A LETTER TO MY SENATOR" kind of angry. The angry customer then made a remark "I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD". Thank you kind stranger for sharing your religious beliefs with the entire restaurant because yes that IS in fact what we want our conversation to revolve around while eating quesadillas.

Everything kind of fell quiet sort of like after someone makes a really inappropriate joke that no one thinks is funny not even the person that told it and you kind of have this "oh...." moment. Although it was kind of quiet, I wasn't complaining, I could actually eat my food and not have to listen to the high pitch shrill of the girl behind me UNTIL....she broke out her cell phone and starting listening to her ringtones. I was like oh let's add a soundtrack to my evening that's very nice of you. So apparently listening to it was not enough, she felt the need to sing her full blown bar karaoke rendition of the this point I was like Paco? Where is Paco. . . .Pacoooo?! You're not Paco.

Well...Paco never came back...his friend Jose did though...and thankfully Jose brought our checks. When we were leaving the girl was still putting on her show. I did not realize that when I went in to eat there that I was going to get dinner and a show, I definitely got my moneys worth.

Unfortunately random restaurant singing girl your voice wasn't very nice. In fact, it hurt my ears. I want to spare your feelings so that's why I'm telling you via blog instead of to your face. Please don't try out for American Idol.

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